Speaking to an audience

As a teacher and coach, Mr. Kush’s area of expertise revolves around team building and motivation. Coach Kush has presented to many different types of organizations, including medical, educational, and corporate agencies.

2nd Ed Piece of the PuzzleA Piece of the Puzzle – 8 Traits of a Quality Teammate

Audience: Any Organization

This is Coach Kush’s signature presentation and the title of his latest book. Kevin discusses what it takes to be a contributing member of a team. The presentation is ideal for in-service training to improve a staff’s ability to function as a team.

  • Believing in the team concept
  • Respecting everyone
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Handling change
  • Demonstrating High Energy
  • Accepting feedback
  • Being accountable
  • and more . . .


DoorDoors of Opportunity

Audience: Youth grades 7-12

In this presentation, Mr. Kush cuts right to the chase and lays it on the line for young adults like only a coach can! Kevin discusses:

  • Choosing the right friends
  • Setting goals
  • Overcoming adversity
  • “Boulders” and “Pebbles” – Big and small decisions
  • Respecting everyone
  • Accepting feedback from authority figures

The 100-Yard Classroom100-Yard Classroom

Winning Strategies for Helping Kids Succeed in School, Sports, and Life

Audience: Educators

This presentation is designed as in-service training to equip teachers with strategies to help move students from point “A” to point “B”.

  • Communicating Expectations
  • Goal Setting
  • Earning Trust
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Improving as an Educator
  • Reaching Every Student
  • And more . .

Playing on God’s Team 

Audience: Christians from 9 to 90!

Speaking from the heart, Coach Kevin Kush draws an analogy between playing on a football team and working hard every day to make it on God’s team. Who is your head coach? The Bible is your playbook. You don’t know how much time is on the clock! What is your defensive game plan against temptation? These are all concepts that Kevin discusses in a truly unique scripture filled presentation.